First Pages Critique

Writing a standout first page is vital to your manuscript. Agents and editors are swamped with submissions, leaving them precious time in which to make a call on your work. So, how can you get their attention? Send us your first page and get invaluable feedback from our esteemed panel of agents that will help put your manuscript on the right track!

While getting feedback on your first page can be an incredible advantage in your quest for publication, we do want our attendees to be prepared for the critique they will receive. Your submission is anonymous, so only you will be aware that your page is being read; however, we do want to ensure you are willing and prepared to receive critique. Learning the craft is, at times, a tough task, but a vital one!


Submission Guidelines:

  • Include the name you are registered under in the body of your email. DO NOT put your name on the first page you submit.
  • Attach your first page to the email, as either a Word Document or .pdf.
  • Submissions may be pre-selected to ensure variety. They will not be returned, and authors will not be notified if their work will be read during the conference program.
  • Please ensure your first page uses Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, black ink, double-spaced, 25 lines/page maximum. All margins should be at least one inch.
  • Each submission should indicate the title and genre of the work in the upper right-hand corner of the page. DO NOT include the authors name.
  • Do not send more than the first page. All additional pages beyond the first will be discarded.
  • Do not include any correspondence or paperwork regarding other matters.